Breeanna Maree creates custom couture gowns from her studio in Central Coast, New South Wales. Her craft focuses on intricate unique design and using finest quality silks, embroideries and immaculate hand finishes.
I spoke with Bree about her business, upcoming collection, inspiration and advice for future brides.

Tell us how your brand came to be?

I fell in love with design and creativity from a young age but truly found my niche after completing a Bachelor of Fashion Design.

In 2015, I launched my couture label ‘Breeanna Maree’. The whole process is done in-house from the initial design sketch, through production to completed gown.

I absolutely love creating couture gowns that help women feel confident and at their best. I truly find it so rewarding to get to know my clients to create them a gown that feels ‘right’.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I find inspiration is more subtle for me, it could be found in life experiences (like travel) or conversations.

I actually don’t design based on visual inspirations but rather on a feeling or mood. I think about how it moves and how you feel in the piece. Usually, I would retreat to the studio and forget about time. I just love creating pieces that feel personal and carry a sense of presence with them.

Do you have any new collections in the making? Can you tell us what we can expect to see?

Yes of course- I always have something in the making!

I am actually just about to release my next bridal collection which is super exciting- keep an eye out over the next month or two!

This collection is iconically Breeanna Maree. There is a particular focus on textures, intricate detailing and couture elements with an ease of sleek elegance. This collection stemmed from the desire to really showcase modern femininity and the celebration of sensuality.

Can’t wait to show you what I have been working on!

You recently got married yourself and created two of your own bridal looks. Can you share what the process was like creating your own bridal looks and what was most exciting?

Creating my gowns was an absolute dream! I adored the whole process and felt it came super naturally.

My gowns were a reflection of how I wanted to feel on the day. Inspired by an Italian garden, my gowns were softly detailed with a sense of drifting movement. I really wanted the gowns to feel intricate and special but not too ‘fussy’.

Bree wearing her custom two-piece engagement look

What bridal trends do you see coming up in 2024?

I tend not to follow trends as such and source inspiration from elsewhere though I definitely can feel some shifts in the industry.

With more intimate weddings, the styles are becoming more sleek and elegant. Brides are more drawn to a gown that they feel comfortable in rather than trying to impress a crowd. I am loving this direction!

What are your most important tips for brides wanting a custom wedding gown?

The custom process is new to a lot of people and can sound daunting at first. It is actually so fun and collaborative- such a great element to add to the wedding process!

My only tip would be to just come in and sit down to share thoughts and chat over the details! Bring all the questions, inspirations or thoughts you have and we will funnel them into the perfect vision for your day.

If you can’t find a gown that feels right or nothing makes you excited- come see me! I would be honoured to help you develop a bridal vision!

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